The UK and Ireland Conference

The UKIC is one of 11 conferences that go to make up the Blue Knights® International organisation. In our conference we have a total of 20 chapters, the latest two of which were formed in November 2008 and we currently have a membership in the region of 620 scattered throughout the UK and Ireland.Chapters in the UK were originally a part of the now defunct Atlantic Regional Conference, but in November 2002 the UK chapter Presidents formed the United Kingdom Conference. Later, with the formation of Ireland I, the UKC became the United Kingdom and Ireland Conference.

The current chapter presidents administer the conference with an elected board of officers consisting of current and past presidents who oversee the running of the conference on a day-to-day basis.

In the UK and Ireland, we have members who are serving as well retired police officers, customs officers, prison officers and members of the police services in all three branches of the armed forces, among others.
Wherever possible, the Blue Knights® throughout the world actively support charities in their areas. Here in the UKIC all the chapters support the charity, Care Of Police Survivors raising money each year to help the charity continue with its important work.
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