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Phil "Tommo" Tomaszewski.

On Thursday 18th March 2010 we were all shocked to hear of the untimely death of Phil “Tommo” Tomaszewski one of the founding members of England VIII. 

He was a man we all knew loved to have an adventure and his love of sailing, mountaineering and biking were testament to that.  He had a wicked sense of humour, regularly sharing e-mail jokes and thought provoking articles. He loved practical jokes and was the proverbial “live wire”.

On Thursday 1st April 2010 Tommo’s funeral took place at St Remigius church in Long Clawson.

In addition to family it was attended by his friends from his sailing club, rock climbing club, colleagues from Leicestershire Constabulary and representatives of the Blue Knights.

There was an impressive and sombre sight as Blue Knights from as far as Devon and Cornwall, Scotland and Germany, on around 75 bikes, escorted the hearse from Melton to the church in Long Clawson and then to the crematorium at Loughborough.

Jim Gardiner's has posted some fine words on England III website:-

PDF of Leicester Mercury entry of Tommo's inquest.


Phil “Tommo” Tomaszewski
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